Saturday, January 28, 2012

Indian nightmare comes true: India white washed by Australia 4-0

     India were to chase 500 runs to win the last test or they had to save their wickets to at least get a draw but at the end of 4th day, Indian team were left with only 4 wickets. It was clear that India will lose this test as well and the same thing happened as the scoreboard of India sealed off at 201 at the 5th day and Australia acquired a win by 298 runs. With this victory, Australia white-washed Indian team 4-0.
     Despite this victory, Australian team is still unable to lift their ICC ranking from the forth position while Indian team struggles at their third position. But while Australian team have improved, Indian team continue their poor performance abroad as they faced back-to-back whitewash at England and Australia
4th Test match summary:- 
1st Innings:
 Australia:    604/7(d)
                      Batting:  Ponting 221,Clarke 210
                      Bowling: Ashwin 3-194
India:           272/10
                      Batting: Kohli 116
                      Bowling:  Siddle 5-49, Hilfenhaus 3-62
2nd Innings:
Australia:    167/5(d)
                      Batting:  Ponting 60
India:           201/10
                      Batting: Sehwag 62
                      Bowling: Lyon 4-63, Harris 3-41
Australia won by 298 runs

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